Timothy Wilson Hoey


Primarily self-taught, Timothy was heavily influenced by the perspectives and styles of the Limners, as well as Eric Rhode.

It has been said, "that one finds what one finds by happenstance." This, however, was not the case with Timothy’s creative process. He has lived the life of an artist from the start.

His first solo show at 17 served as a catalyst to drive his creativity down many paths and styles: painter, writer, musician, tattooist, and mentor to his students.

Timothy Wilson Hoey’s art is informed by a sense of place, time, emotion. His O-Canada collection resonates with Canadians – both here and abroad – by exploring what we define as home.

Timothy captures that feeling we get when when we see a local landmark that is gone, but not forgotten by those in the community. He captures the emotion we feel when we think about historical figures whose lives helped define Canada’s place in the world. He evokes the taste memory of a double-double enjoyed on a crisp winter’s morning.