Rosanna Marmont


Rosanna Marmont works from make-shift studio sites throughout North America, including Alberta, Arizona, Nova Scotia, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Her paintings and sculptures are sold internationally and are exhibited predominately in Western Canada. Her preferred canvas of wood emphasizes the natural grain and figures through hundreds of thinly applied layers of oil pigments using a self-developed technique to her work.

Born in rural New Zealand, a life of continuous travel and exploration gave rise to Rosanna's first experience of Western Canada in southern Alberta. The impact of the plains landscapes later became a central muse in her creative endeavours, resurfacing in the form of landscape painting during her studies at Concordia University. Graduating in 2009 from Concordia University with distinction in Fine Arts, she has since embraced a life working full time as an artist.

Rosanna's work has focused primarily on a unique perspective of Western landscape and culture. Conceptually she seeks to juxtapose the romantic portrayal of Western prairie with contemporary realities. A plastic bag blows in the wind on a barbwire fence, oil pools for the silhouette of an oil jack, a herd of ear-tagged buffalo stand within the confines of a feedlot, a cowboy pushes a grocery cart down the dusty trail. The popular image of the west, saturated with rural nostalgia, cowboy mysticism and the romanticized native "indian" is subversively challenged. As an artist, Marmont acts as a visual journalist, seeking to observe and include that which most often goes edited in the making of our Western self-image.

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