Raynald Murphy


Raynald lives but for art, watercolour in particular, but also for drawing. As he himself says so well: “Drawing is the basis of all art, the artist’s signature.” Painting to him is as natural as walking is to running. He draws everywhere: at life-drawing workshops, in the subway, at food courts, in the bus and in the Museums.

He gave up painting in oils and acrylic to take up watercolour mostly because of its rapidity of execution and its spontaneity not to mention the limited equipment needed to paint on site, or if in the studio from a drawing done from life.

“The majority of my watercolour production is painted from life, or if in the studio, then from a drawing done on site,” he says.

Raynald Murphy has just recently published a book , Carnets de Montréal … de A à Z, en mots et en images. François Barcelo, a well-known Quebec author, wrote the text. The seventy-five watercolours representing Montreal scenes, were all done on site except one, most of them produced between the summer of 2005 and the fall of 2006.

Born in Montreal, Raynald obtained a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Fine Arts from Concordia University in 1975. He taught elementary and high school for 32 years, some 20 of these in the arts.