Mila Kostic


Art is a language that surges within me in response to a vast, mysterious world. Through creating, I fight my way through surface impressions; press beyond darkness and affirm that it can never overcome light; and explore emotions and energy beyond where words can reach. I unearth a place of goodness and hope. My work is also inspired by the nature and world around us; its beauty and its cruelty, its hostility and its hospitality, its paradoxes and its contrasts.

We create our own past from fragments of reality in a process that combines the willful aspects of remembering and forgetting with the coincidental and unconscious.

My painting involves from inner ideas or external factors. As an artist I take elements –fragments from the environment and express them as one; using this concept in conjunction with symbolism, I assemble painted fragments and create an arrangement –story that displays the whole. On a general level, I aim to illustrate this process that forms our inner landscape.
I work on a large number of paintings concurrently and that allows me to transport strong elements and effective techniques from one piece to the next. Each multi-layered rendering shares some details with the other works in the series. The overlap of elements enriches each individual expression and deepens the cohesion within the series. Ultimately, each piece captures some fragment of the landscape’s power until the larger body of work coalesces to express its deepest essence. Art has the power to make one see things in a new light. It allows us to develop a love for places and things that we would otherwise not have noticed, or thought of as ugly or boring.

I mix media freely, although acrylic or oils are often forming the base from which I build. Concepts of energy, contrast, and flow guide my process. Experiences around the world contribute to my subject matter, with “spiritual journey” a paramount theme.


Through painting, I see.