Kenna Graff


We are delighted to welcome Kenna Graff, from Kelowna, British Columbia to our gallery. Kenna's use of colour gives her work a feeling of tranquility and calmness. Her nature collection is what inspired us and we know it will you too. Please stop by and enjoy.

Artistically, Kenna is not limited to one form or style of art. From landscapes that translate ancient wanderer to colour-pure paintings that lighten the heart.

Kenna taps into a variety of methodologies, most lead by the moment, intuitively and interdisciplinary. The works have evolved from unknown forces, the power and sweetness of more specific places and moments in nature and natural phenomena; from enthusiasm and celebration, to grace and poetry.


Inspiration drawn from the earth and blended with her desert background provides elegance in colour and form, cultivating a painting, extracting the organic elements, sometimes into patterns, textures. decorative motifs and atmospheric gestures. Kenna was encouraged to make art from an early age by extremely creative and productive parents. She is primarily self-taught. Her mother a textile artist, her father a designer/builder in wood working craftsman.


The paintings selected for the website represent new work and artwork made over the last 20 years reflecting some of the various themes and concepts explored during her career as an artist.


Kenna's artistic pursuits include encouraging, sharing, interacting, appreciating and presenting the arts through her own art work, working in fine arts galleries and co- founding the arts group ARS LONGA.