Etienne Cote


Born July 8th, 1959 in Montreal, Canada.

Drawn to the the arts from a very early age, by the time he was 12 years old he had already created his own darkroom. His passion for mastering the lights, and darks, was set into motion…

The Beginnings

Art diploma from CEGEP Saint-Laurent
Photography diploma from Dawson College

His first exhibition at Dawson College in 1980 unites photography with painting by mixing non-silver photography with gum bichromate prints.

He works in hotels in the Gaspe over the summers. The luminosity he discovers there is echoed in his work from that point on.

At 19 years old, he sets off on his first voyage to Europe and is inspired by the countryside and architecture there. This trip proves to be one of the many he takes to the South of France and Italy over the years; a consistent palate of inspiration for his art.

He returns to share a studio in Old-Montreal with other artists. Through exploring various creative expressions, he becomes increasingly drawn to painting due to its freedom of perspective, of movement. His background in film, in photography, begins to synthesize together on canvas.