Arvid Wangen


My 'scenes of abstraction' reflect the strained dynamic between the hectic cadence of the urban landscape with our seemingly nostalgic desire to find singular focus and meaning in these surroundings. This 'constant flicker', this muse, is filtered through a lens of abstraction, of detail and form and the joy of moving paint across a canvas. I paint primarily with palette knives, one in each hand, overlapping marks, echoing the complexity of the structured world around us... we tune out so much (all of it having been built, planted, made by people) these beautiful forms stacked on top of each other to the point that it becomes nearly impossible to view anything alone. Much of the time I find it difficult to actually see what I am looking at, to know what a 'thing' is but instead have take to seeing things in form and negative space, feeling as if am in constant dialogue, not only with the world of painting but also with the literary works that have informed my aesthetic. Living and working in Vancouver for the past decade, I was born in Winnipeg and raised in Calgary where I attended the Alberta College Of Art And Design (1988-1992), studying in the Drawing Faculty and defining my aesthetic.