Our desire through Rouge Gallery is to gather the warm, creative spirit of artists and people who appreciate being surrounded by beauty in their lives. Supporting original artwork is another way to bring beauty into the world. Our urban landscape needs more of it, and we want people to find it at Rouge Gallery.


Wanda Underhill

Director of Rouge Gallery

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Red is the hottest colour on the palette, and Rouge Gallery is a hot addition to the Saskatoon art scene.

As the city grows in it's metropolitan tastes, so does the urban desire for original artwork. The vision of Rouge Gallery's founder, Wanda Underhill , is to create more than just a place to show art.

Located in the historic Glengarry Building, near a growing cluster of gallery spaces in the downtown urbanscape, Rouge will become a place for Saskatoon to make a personal or corporate statement through the creativity of local, national, and international working artists. Many of the works will be offered on a lease-to-own basis.

Rouge Gallery is to be an artspace where people can gather to view emerging and established artists, a place to celebrate milestones, or to whisper under candlelight while sipping red wine. Artwork is so personal. If someone sees something they like, they can live with it either at their office or home. Rouge Gallery will offer original pieces of art that can add to the personality and personal statement of an individual or a business space,” said Underhill.


Rouge Gallery builds on Underhill's experience of brokering and leasing works of art. The opening of a physical space was the logical next step in her desire to bring together the creative, original work of artists and the desire for companies and individuals to own original pieces of artwork or to add to their collection.

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