Melissa Jean


Canadian artist, Melissa Jean, currently paints out of her Kenora, Ontario studio, as well as “en plein air” on and around Lake of the Woods and other parts of Canada. From her sketches, and memory, she paints on a larger scale with either acrylic or oil on canvas. Through her unique perspectives, she strives to capture the spirit and energy of the images she paints.

Growing up in mid and western Canada, Melissa’s childhood was filled with movement, and adventure. As a young adult, she traveled extensively throughout the world and across Canada, always painting what she saw. A few years after starting a family, Melissa settled in Kenora where she also embarked on her journey in becoming a professional artist.

“An explosion of inspiration took over, and the appreciation of the Canadian landscape and images I kept close to my heart over the years, poured out onto canvas.

Artist Statement:

I have an irresistible and unstoppable urge to create, that grows stronger with each new day. I smile at the brush strokes that have become my own, like a friend who has suddenly become an old friend. We travel together and explore the hidden treasures of nature. Living around the Lake of the Woods, I spend a lot of time around water. Sometimes I can't help but stare and be taken in by the movement and the reflections. I spend a lot of time watching and carefully observing things that really catch my eye. I look at everything like it's the first time, and my last chance. And that's where I begin a painting...from an open-minded spirit of amazement, and simple feeling of gratitude. I am humbled by the silent strength of trees, moved by the motion of water, and empowered by the expansive sky. I have a fierce determination to let the emotion come through, in each painting, to share these experiences with others and to unveil tiny moments of magic. There is a human connection in each original piece of art. It is my hope that my paintings bring a good energy into your space and a new perspective on nature."

Following her dream, Melissa Jean has become a fast emerging professional artist. She continues to amaze us with her unique perspective and an inquisitive eye, revealing abstract beauty and details in nature that others may take for granted.